About the book
SLAMMING SPAM is meant to be a reference for the email system administrator who has been asked to implement an anti-spam solution on an enterprise network. This is an administrator's "how to" stop spam book. It is very hands on, with none of the "why people spam" or other topics which are usually only peripherally interesting or useful to a mail administrator.

Fighting spam is a complex problem, with many potential technical, legislative and social solutions. No book could ever hope to cover them all in a reasonable amount of space. In fact, when considering only the possible technical spam fighting solutions, it isn't possible to give them all the coverage they require. Our focus in this book is on the widely used open source anti-spam solutions available for major mail transfer agents (email servers).
About the web-site
This site will provide support for the book, including chapter previews, corrections and supplementary material. It is hoped that the book and companion web-site will serve as useful tools for IT professionals who are tasked with combatting spam.
About the authors
ROBERT HASKINS works for Renesys Corporation, a leader in real-time Internet connectivity monitoring and reporting. Robert has fought spam in many environments, including enterprises, cable modem ISP, network equipment manufacturer, wholesale dialup ISP, competitive local exchange carrier, and traditional ISP. He has presented on the topic of fighting spam at NANOG, FBI Boston Infragard, and LISA. Robert writes a regular technical column called ISPadmin on service provider topics for USENIX ;login:. He is a member of USENIX, SAGE, and IEEE.
DALE NIELSEN is a partner in Avacoda, LLC, a consulting company specializing in systems administration and software development. He has more than twenty years of experience administering Unix- and Linux-based mail servers, firewalls, and workstations. He has worked in a variety of engineering and software development environments and has taught courses in systems administration at Sun Microsystems. Recently, he has done consulting work for clients such as Nortel Networks and Ziplink. He has written about Linux-based firewalls for the Linux Journal.